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Since 2018, Alex and Dana Cummings have proudly served as the premier destination for top-tier, certified organic microgreens in San Diego.


Our microgreens, grown by hand in organic biodegradable pots, can transcend the role of mere garnish and represent a culinary revelation.

Better than mass-produced alternatives, our microgreens burst with an array of flavors, vibrant hues, and enticing textures, vividly enhancing every dish they grace. From their robust vitality to their distinct vivacious form, our microgreens epitomize our steadfast commitment to unparalleled quality and ecological farming practices. Organic means better for the community and better flavor. 

Seas Greens, our certified organic urban farm nestled in Vista CA, stands as a beacon for professional chefs as well as heath-conscious consumers seeking the freshest, healthiest, and most vibrant microgreens available.

For certified organic, craft-grown greens Seas Greens is the definitive choice. Our sprouts stand upright and lively on the plate, bursting with dazzling colors and textures that truly pop.


Contact us for seamless weekly delivery to your establishment or visit us at farmers' markets in Leucadia, Oceanside, La Jolla, Laguna Beach, Temecula, and Poway.


Elevate your culinary creations with Seas Greens' certified organic microgreens and savor the remarkable difference firsthand.





Welcome to the farm. 
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